The Best (LazyLady) 5K in Colorado

The Best (LazyLady) 5K in Colorado

Last Saturday Lazy Lady Fitness decided to take a trip up to Boulder. Even though I ended up at Boulder Beer Company, I was surprisingly not there just for the beer. About a year ago I had done some research on 5Ks in the Denver/Boulder Area. Through my Google search, I stumbled upon Rocky Mountain Brew Runs. I was looking for an easy way to break into my first 5K and also something that would inspire other 5K newbies to do the same. Even after a year of working out, I am still a little terrified of a Tough Mudder obstacle course race. Rocky Mountain Brew Runs is one of the best intro 5Ks in the Denver/Boulder metro area and below is my experience.

Before the Race:

My hubby and I rolled out of bed on Saturday morning refreshed and ready to tackle the 5K race Rocky Mountain Brew Runs was hosting at Boulder Beer Co. Becuase the race is more of a fun run and community event the start time was at 10 am. A perfect time for us both to sleep in and make some delicious protein whole grain pancakes (Check out Wheat Montana).

The Race:

We arrived at the brew run at 9:30 am and received our numbers. Everyone was very friendly and the atmosphere was encouraging. I didn’t feel like a fish out of water, we fit right in and the promise of beer afterward was the perfect motivation for most of the runners there. Rocky Mountain Brew Runs is kid and dog-friendly and there were people of all ages.

The run began promptly at 10 am with a group countdown. There was also a run challenge in which one of the runners was tasked with running the entire 5K holding two gallons of water. The spirit of this challenge was great in getting people to support one another. As we jogged, ran, and walked the course everyone cheered each other on and pushed one another to keep going. The path was paved and the whole way through we were greeted with the breathtaking views of the Flatirons.

The trooper that completed the 5K with 2 gallons of water! He won a growler for his efforts!

I finished the 5K in in 28 minutes! A new record for me. Then the best part of the brew run began. As everyone made their way to the finish line we all anxiously awaited our well-deserved beer. I choose the Sweaty Betty Blonde, partly because of its name and partly because it is so light and refreshing. It was the perfect combo to quench my thirst and prepare mentally for the final and most important part of Rocky Mountain Brew Runs…The Beer Olympics!

Beer Olympics:

With every brew run that Rocky Mountain Brew Runs hosts, they end with a series of games all relating to beer and fitness. I participated in the “At Arms Length” challenge and a squat challenge. Besides these two games, there was also one in which you and team members carry a keg across a parking lot and back and another one in which you balance a beer while trying to get the most distance in 3 large steps or leaps. Yes, they had gold medals.

At Arms Length –

In this challenge, we all received a glass full of beer. We then had to squat near a table with our arms out at arm’s length and hold our beers an inch off of the table. If you let your glass touch the table you were out. I should mention that before this game I had just participated in the squat challenge. My legs burned! Alas, I did not win this one.

Squat Challenge –

I also tried my hand at the squat challenge in which we had to squat while balancing a beer on our head for an entire minute. I made it to 37 squats! The winner took home the prize at 40.

If you want to try a Rocky Mountain Brew Run this summer, you are in luck! They have two more brew runs this season.

September 2nd @ Cheluna Brewery

October 15th @ New Terrain Brewing

The 5K is super affordable at only $35 and that includes entry, 1 free beer, beer Olympics, and some swag.

To find out more information check out their Facebook or their Website.

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