Summer Wish List (Bucket List)

Summer Wish List (Bucket List)

Hello, everyone!

I have some exciting news to share with all of you, is now officially a year old! I have updated my account and I am working on some new ideas for posts and things to do this year. I want to continue on my journey of finding balance and a healthy lifestyle while hopefully encouraging others to do the same. A HUGE thank you to my friends and family that chipped in to help me continue financially to write this blog. I am so incredibly grateful.

Now that the weather is heating up, it is also time for me to heat up my fitness routine and step out of my comfort zone.  Below is my summer wish list of things to try and do this summer. I want all of you to participate as well by adding challenges or ideas for me.

1. Rocky Mountain Brew Runs 

Did someone say a 5K with the promise of craft beer afterward?! This sounds like the perfect event for a Lazy Lady to attend. Not to mention that these are held all summer long at some of the best breweries that Colorado has to offer. Bonus – After you have run and then consumed some delicious liquid bread, they have beer Olympics in which you play fitness games and drink. I better start working on my flip cup and beer pong skills. (

2. Manitou Incline 

Since I moved to Colorado I have wanted to hike this trail. I can’t lie that until this year I have been too scared to attempt it. The trail is relatively short, 1 mile, but it is 2,744 steps at an incline of 2,000 ft!

English: This is a shot of the Manitou Incline...
English: This is a shot of the Manitou Incline taken looking up towards the top. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


3. White Water Rafting 

I am definitely looking for a bit of adventure this summer. I was born and raised in Minnesota, the land of 10,000 lakes, and the one thing I miss most about Minnesota are water sports and days at the lake. Colorado definitely doesn’t have as much of those days as I would like, so this year I want to incorporate some white water rafting into my summer plans. Don’t worry, I will definitely be starting with the beginner class. (

4. Cycle Bar DTC 

At some point this summer I plan on making my way down to the Denver Tech Center to try a new kind of workout. I have never been huge into bike riding, so it never really enticed me to try a cycling class. However, while I was researching new gyms to try, this one looked too cool to pass up. It looks almost like a dance club – Sign me up!


5. Hot Yoga 

Last week I decided to try out Yoga Pod in Lodo and I was so pleased and relaxed by my experience. I was not brave enough to try their hot yoga class yet, but I did end up taking their 45-minute barre/yoga class. My thighs killed from all of the pulsing sumo squats I did!

Hot yoga, on the other hand, is a series of yoga positions that you alternate between in a room set at 105 degrees with 60% humidity! Holy cow, if you end up trying this with me, make sure to drink lots and lots of water. (

6. Stand-up Paddle Boarding Yoga

Last year my hubby and I tried our hand at normal stand up paddle boarding in Evergreen lake. So this year I have decided that it is time to up the game and try yoga on a stand-up paddleboard. I can almost bet that I am going to fall into that lake this time. Lord help me. (

7. Red Rocks Morning Workout

I have been to red rocks for concerts but I have never woken up and hiked the infamous concert venue. Unfortunately, all of the Yoga on the Rocks tickets are sold out for this summer and I will be abroad in ENGLAND when fitness on the rocks happens, so I am instead committing myself to my own self-led workout on the rocks. (

English: Shoot of the amphitheater at Red Rock...
English: Shoot of the amphitheater at Red Rocks in Colorado (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

8.  5K obstacle course/ mud run

For some reason, because I have been crushing it at the gym and Orange Theory Fitness, I have this crazy notion that I can do a mud run and obstacle course. I am not in town for tough mudder, but I am able to attend the rugged maniac… nothing is scarrier than this name. Maybe I can get someone to sponsor my fees so I will be forced to try it. Seriously…can you imagine me being this guy?! (

English: SNOW VALLEY, Calif. (May 28, 2011) Ma...
English: SNOW VALLEY, Calif. (May 28, 2011) Mass Communication Specialist 3rd Class Sebastian McCormack, assigned to Fleet Combat Camera Group, Pacific, crawls through the mud on his way through the third obstacle of the Tough Mudder competition. Tough Mudder is a 10-mile obstacle course designed by British special forces to challenge a competitor’s strength and endurance. (U.S. Navy photo by Mass Communication Specialist 1st Class Matthew D. Leistikow/Released) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

9. Bootcamp 

A few of the girls in my office have been asking me to join them at their gym’s morning boot camp classes. I won’t lie that getting me to do early morning workouts is very very unlikely, but I am willing to give in and at least try a boot camp workout on a weekend 🙂 Does anyone have recommendations? Comment below.


10. Hike a 14er (Mount Bierstadt)

I have lived in Colorado for 4 years, which makes the fact that I have never hiked a 14er embarrassing. One of the main reasons that I have never attempted a 14er is because you have to wake up so damn early to make sure you avoid any afternoon storms and getting struck by lightning at the top…yikes! I have asked many fellow Coloradans what is the best 14er to start with and the consensus seems to be Mount Bierstadt. Fingers Crossed! (

What is on your summer wish list? Comment below!



2 thoughts on “Summer Wish List (Bucket List)

  1. Hi!
    It’s Amy from the Brew Run. It was so fun to meet you and chat before and after the event! I love your summer list – the primary one I haven’t done is the mud run/obstacle course. For some reason, I just haven’t, but I think it sounds like a crazy time!

    Would you be willing to be quoted in Rocky Mountain Brewing News about why you decided to put a Rocky Mountain Brew Run on your summer bucket list? How did it make the cut? And what did you think after participating?

    I love what I’ve seen on your blog so far – I’ll keep reading! Thanks again! And thanks to your husband for helping with Gracie!

    Amy Moses

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