Rusty Bucket Restaurant Review – Lazy Lady Cheat Day

Rusty Bucket Restaurant Review – Lazy Lady Cheat Day

I realized that lately many of my posts have been geared towards a healthy lifestyle, but one of the main reasons I began this blog is to embrace the lazy lady in us all. I belong to a blogger club in Denver (The Denver Bloggers Club) and every month we have the privilege of visiting and experiencing local restaurants. This month we were fortunate enough to be invited to The Rusty Bucket in Westminister, CO. Below is my review and pictures that will make your mouth water.

Rusty Bucket Review:

I love to eat and I love trying out new restaurants. I was thrilled to be given the opportunity to eat and learn more about the Rusty Bucket in Westminister, CO. The restaurant is in a great location in Orchard Town Center, surrounded by tons of great shops and places to eat. The Rusty Bucket certainly stands out.

I may want to point out that even though the name may sound a bit “rustic” the Rusty Bucket is very clean, sleek, and modern. They pride themselves on being the place to go for casual American dining. Even if you have never been to the Rusty Bucket, they greet each guest with “Welcome Back!” to make people feel part of the Bucket family. Besides the delicious food, the staff is energetic and friendly. They definitely showed the entire Denver Bloggers group that they fully embrace what they call “the Bucket Life” which essentially means that they carry themselves with an enthusiastic and caring attitude and superb customer service.

Now enough about that, let’s get to the good stuff…FOOD!


One of my favorite parts about dining at the Rusty Bucket is that they use quality ingredients and most of the food they serve is made fresh in house. If you are a pizza snob, you definitely need to try their made from scratch pizza dough. I’m getting hungry just thinking about it!

Being a Lazy Lady also means needing a place with plenty of beer options. They have 24 beers on tap with five rotating local beers. We live in Colorado, so of course, craft beer is a must. They also have handcrafted cocktails and partnerships with some of my favorite companies…Rogue Brewing and Woodford Reserve!

Besides having a tavern atmosphere and killer bar, the Rusty Bucket is still geared towards and caters to families. I was very happy to find out that they have a program that supports and encourages kids to read. Check out their Bucket Bookworm program here. 

Now, here is the part where I share a ton of food pictures that will make you want to eat all of the calories you just ran off on the treadmill. REMEMBER Lazy Lady Fitness is about finding balance, not punishing yourself. My advice is to HIIT it hard in the gym and then treat yo self!

 For a healthier option might I suggest going with their hummus plate? Grilled pita bread, marinated tomato and cucumber salad, and a side of tzatziki sauce!

They began our delicious meal off with this plate and I was not disappointed. I loved mixing the tomato and cucumber salad with the hummus and pita bread. This starter will definitely leave you feeling satisfied and guiltless.

A bucket of shrimp…yes please!


Breakfast Burrito – This is packed full of scrambled eggs, sausage, and sauteed peppers and Onions. The best part was the Ranchero Sauce on top.
Sticky Bun Bread Pudding

NOTE: These were only a few of the delicious menu items I tried. Unfortunately, a few Denver bloggers got carried away with how delicious everything was, that I could not get a picture before the dish was devoured!

My suggestions:

Buffalo Chicken Sandwich– Panko crusted chicken breast smothered in Joe’s regular sauce and topped with blue cheese, lettuce, tomato, and mayo.

Pork Potstickers- Pan-seared, with sweet chili and ponzu sauces.

Fried Pickles – If you have never tried a fried pickle, then you have never truly lived. I spent a few years in Dallas, TX and these fried pickles definitely stood up to the test. You have to try these, after all, their mascot for the Rusty Bucket is a dill pickle!

Chicken and Waffles – This was the best thing I was able to try! Oh my goodness. The chicken was fried to perfection and the waffles were light and fluffy. I will be back to the Rusty Bucket just for these. I need to add the description just to convey how freaking delicious and worth it these are. “House made Belgian waffle, hand dipped chicken fingers and warm maple syrup topped with powdered sugar.” Worth every calorie. Perfect cheat day meal.

If that last suggestion did not convince you to spend your cheat day at The Rusty Bucket, I don’t know what will. You must have insane willpower.

Closing Statements:

I was very impressed with the atmosphere, food, and staff of the Rusty Bucket in Westminister, CO. Currently this is the only Rusty Bucket in the state of Colorado, but you can find locations in Ohio, Michigan, Florida, Indiana, and North Carolina. The true gem of this establishment has to be their General Manager Sam. He was very thoughtful and made my experience one to be remembered and go back for.

Thank you to Jenny who organizes these learning opportunities and events for The Denver Bloggers Club and The Rusty Bucket for allowing me to indulge myself in their amazing grub.


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