Last Hike of 2016 – Beaver Lake Trail

Last Hike of 2016 – Beaver Lake Trail

Where is the SNOW colorado? This past weekend my hubby and I celebrated our 3 year anniversary. Both of us love to use this time to connect with nature and do something active and outdoors. We have a habit of checking out new ski towns in Colorado, so this year we decided to head out to Beaver Creek, CO. But alas, there was no snow, so we decided to take what we hoped would be our last hike of 2016.


Beaver Creek is about 2 hours outside of Denver and a fairly easy drive as long as the weather is good and vail pass is open. But, like I said, this year has been extremely warm. We arrived in Beaver Creek around 10:30am on Saturday and began our ascent up the mountain.

As we walked towards the trail head, Mr. Lazy Lady Fitness had the brilliant idea to take a shortcut up the hill. Half way up my “Lazy” in Lazy Lady Fitness kicked in. “Where the hell are you taking us?” I shouted at him. What had looked like a small hill, was now a steep and treacherous hike. My bald Nike tennis shoes were doing me no favors. I glanced down at the road we had left and realized it was time to quit my whining. We had just hiked part of a double black diamond ski run and going down was not going to be any easier. Finally, Mr. Lazy Lady Fitness had found the trail and we were back on solid ground.


For our last hike of 2016, we decided to take on the challenge of making it up to Beaver Lake. The trail begins at the base of the ski runs and is a total of 4.8 miles. The trail is ranked as moderate, but I found it to be fairly difficult. Here are the summer trails offered at Beaver Creek.

We came to another obstacle on our hike as we reached the next trail head. There are many ways to get to Beaver Lake Trail, we decided to take the difficult route and combine two trails. We began at overlook trail and got a tad bit lost once we hit Horse Trail.

NOTE: The easiest route is to just take Beaver Lake Trail!

We took:

  • Up- Overlook Trail to Horse Trail
  • Down- Royal Elk Trail to Overlook Trail

As we made our way to the start of Horse Trail, we were met with a sign that read “NO HIKING/ NO BIKING” so like any normal Colorado couple…we ignored it. (Don’t do this). Don’t worry the trail was not at all dangerous, in fact, we had found ourselves on an actual road. We had luckily met a father and son that were on their way to go fishing. We were reassured that if we followed the road, it would eventually meet up with the trail again. He was right!

The hike only took us about 2 hours and was well worth all it.


Heading down the mountain was a much easier experience. This time we stuck to the trails and had a blast weaving through trees and crossing the creek. It took us about 1 hour and 30 minutes to get all the way back down.


If you are looking for a great hike for 2017 🙂 (Snow is finally in the forecast) Check out the summer hikes at Beaver Creek. Most of the trails are rated moderate to easy and very family friendly. Not to mention there are plenty of adorable restaurants and bars to grab a beer after your hike.




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