Three Things to NOT do When Trying To Lose Weight

Three Things to NOT do When Trying To Lose Weight

These past two weeks,  I have been a victim to the dreaded bacteria Streptococcus pyogenes…also known as Strep Throat. While laying in bed, bored as can be, I scrolled through endless fitness Instagram accounts and fitness blogs. Most of these were inspiring, however, a few really got my blood boiling. Some of them had the worst fitness advice I had ever seen! I feel it necessary to point out some of the worst things you could do while trying to get into shape. Don’t fall into these traps.

1. Body Image and Comparing Yourself to Others

Instagram is one of my favorite places for inspiration. There are plenty of positive accounts that promote healthy bodies and lifestyles. That being said, there are also a lot of accounts out there that do the opposite. The biggest thing to remember is that everyone is different. No, you are never going to look like that fitness model on Instagram, because you aren’t them!

So, if you are looking to be like Kim Kardashian that can balance a champagne glass on your bum and still have the waist of a barbie doll, forget it. You will never be that ultra skinny victoria secret model either. Unless you are born with those curves or have elective surgery or photoshop on your side, you will not achieve those body types, and that’s okay! Everyone is beautiful in their own way. Comparing yourself to others will not only discourage you but also never allow you to be happy with the progress you’ve worked so hard to achieve. Own your body and celebrate others for the bodies they have too!

Needing some body-positive Instagrams to follow? Check out this article by bustle.comEmbed from Getty Images

2. Weighing yourself constantly

I am 100% guilty of this. I want to see those pounds drop, and quick. In the past, this is one of the main reasons I gave up on my fitness. I would spend a month working out and eating right and when I would weigh myself and see nothing change on the scale, I cried. I saw that as a sign that fitness wasn’t worth the sacrifice and I should just give up.

THE NUMBER ON THE SCALE MEANS NOTHING!!! I know that we have been programmed to validate our progress by this dumb number, but seriously the only thing that matters is how you feel about your body and about your progress.


If you don’t belive me, check out this article that shows one of my favorite bloggers, Kasey Wells, and how weight really doesn’t mean as much we think. THIS WOMAN PROVES THAT WEIGHT DOESN’T MATTER.

The difference between her at 122lbs to her at 140lbs is astonishing. Even in my own journey, I have not lost much weight, however, my body has toned immensely and I am the healthiest I have ever been.

As Tonya Holcomb said it best “FUCK THE SCALE

3. Being Afraid of Building Muscle

I see a lot of women that stick only to cardio and yoga to lose weight and keep fit, but there are so many bennefits to fitting in at least two weight sessions a week. Many women are intimidated by the weight room for fear that they will “look like a man”. I am here to tell you that this is absolutely false.

I feared the weight room for years. Not because I was afraid of becoming a body builder, but more so because I really didn’t want to be surrounded by big muscley men, huffing and puffing, with their cut off t-shirts. It creeped me out. Not to mention that girls aren’t encouraged in gym and growing up to hit the weights. I never really learned how to use all that “big and scarry” equipment.


Here are the reasons why you should conquer your fear and make friends with the weight room.

  1. It boosts your metabolism
  2. It helps joint and bone health
  3. It keeps you heart healthy

A great article by Lindsey Emery on titled “4 Reasons Women Shouldn’t Fear The Weight Room”  emphasizes that you will not look like a muscle man by adding weightlifting to your routine. Much more goes into bulking up. Emery’s article states “you need three things to add bulk: testosterone (which is why men get bigger muscles), extra calories (if you want to build a bigger house, you need extra wood and concrete) and high-volume training (meaning you target one large muscle group, working it to exhaustion with 20 to 30 sets of exercises a day).”


Until next time,

Lazy Lady Fitness 🙂

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  1. I agree about the first point. A lot of those celebrities have plastic surgery and are completely manufactured. It’s creating unrealistic body images. If you look at pictures of them before they got plastic surgery they look more realistic. Not to mention a lot of those photos are photoshopped!

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