ICONIC PROTEIN-Putting Iconic to the Ultimate Test

ICONIC PROTEIN-Putting Iconic to the Ultimate Test

Hello, Lazy Ladies and Lads! This week I have decided to put a protein shake to the ultimate test. A few weeks ago I tried a sample of Iconic Protein at my local Orange Theory Fitness Studio. It was so delicious I decided that I needed to share it with all of you. However, just because something is delicious doesn’t necessarily mean it will meet the challenges of an active lifestyle. So, I have decided to sign up for Orange Theory’s Hell Week and drink Iconic before or after my workouts. Here are my results and review:

First things first, what exactly is Hell Week? Every year Orange Theory Fitness puts together an entire week of grueling Halloween themed workouts. If you survive (5 classes in one week) you get a T-shirt to celebrate. No pain no gain right? Below is my journey:

Iconic Protein Drink

Sunday: 90 Minute Stretching Clinic- Vanilla Bean Iconic Protein

Day number One of Five wasn’t necessarily on the “Hell-Week” Circut, but it was definitely a good way to start off my week of hell. I have been having a lot of issues with my IT- Band when running on the treadmill, so I decided to sign up for Boulder’s Free 90 minute OTF class and stretching clinic. Luckily it was time to put Iconic to the test. I choose their Vanilla Bean flavor, which is my husbands favorite, and it did not disappoint. Vanilla Bean Iconic was light and smooth. Unlike most vanilla drinks, it was sweet but not too sweet. Really great for a post-workout treat.

Monday: The Hills Have Thighs – Vanilla Bean Iconic Protein

Day one of Hell Week was grueling for everyone at the Blouder, Orange Theory Fitness. The 60-minute workout was filled with any and every exercise aimed at toning those thigh muscles. We had an inclined run and squats for days! I was exhausted and in need of something to replenish my body. Vanilla Bean was so good the day before that I indulged in having this one two days in a row.

Tuesday: Jack The Chipper- Cafe Au Lait Iconic Protein

Day two was so much harder than I expected. For some reason I had it in my head that this session would be all about arms since yesterday was all about the legs…but alas, it was plyometrics day. WE DID SO MANY JUMPING JACKS! I decided to super-charge my recovery with Iconic Protein’s Cafe Au Lait drink. It was delicious and gave me enough energy to go grocery shopping, do laundry, and type a good majority of this blog!

My Delicious Iconic Protein Breakfast

Wednesday: The Six Sets- Cafe Au Lait Iconic Protein

Day three must have known that I was in need of a break! My legs were killing me from the other few days, so I was relieved to see that the six sets were mainly focused on my arms and back. We did upright rows, dead-lifts, and dumbells shoulder presses. Not to mention a crazy amount of rowing on the rowers. This day I decided to try a Cafe Au Lait for breakfast. It wasn’t until 12:30pm that I realized that I never had my morning cup of coffee. The coffee flavored protein drink kept me going long past lunch!

Thursday: Silence of the Limbs – Chocolate Truffle Iconic Protein

Waking up this morning was particularly difficult. Day #4 was taking its toll on my body and motivation, but I had to keep going. I made it this far. This day was titled “silence of the limbs”. The only way I can describe this class is by showing you this picture. Yes, the running man does say 120. I will be honest and admit that I only got through this one time.

“Silence of the Limbs” Weight room work out.


Monday: Trick or Treat- Chocolate Truffle Iconic Protein

The Chocolate Truffle is by far my favorite flavor! I had it for breakfast this morning and it was delicious and kept me full all day long. The only issue…I fell victim to strep throat on Friday night!!! NOOOOOOOOOOO! So even though hell week may have defeated me, I still made it through FIVE Orange Theory Fitness classes in one week. Seriously even while I was sick, this protein drink was the perfect snack and with such a sore throat, I was happy to have something to nurse my body back to health.

Next year these will be mine! Muhahahahaha

In Summary: 

Iconic Protein is going up as one of my favorite post and pre-workout protein drinks. All of their flavors were easy and delicious to drink and they kept me going throughout the grueling week of hell. Not to mention that they are one of the healthiest protein drinks on the market.

Iconic Protein is free from:

  1. Lactose
  2. GMO
  3. Gluten
  4. Soy
  5. Carrageenan
  6. BPA

Iconic is also made with Grass Fed Milk and only 130 calories!!! It has enough protein to curb your cravings if you choose to use it as a mid-day snack with 20g of Protein. I would recommend this to anyone that is ready to kick some butt at the gym and needs a delicious and healthy way for fueling their bodies.

Check out Iconic Protein at www.drinkiconic.com or on Facebook Here!

For my Lazy Ladies in Colorado, Iconic Protein can be found at most Sprouts and King Soopers!

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