Getting Ready to Hit the Slopes (Ski Season)

Getting Ready to Hit the Slopes (Ski Season)

“Winter is coming” – wise words spoken by The House of Stark. But, do you know what that means?! Ski season for Colorado! There is no better time of the year than when Denver and Boulder become ghost towns on the weekends and Colorado residents flock to the mountain towns to hit the slopes. Time is flying by already, so it’s time to start asking yourself, are you ready?

Step #1: Get your Ski Pass.

One thing that all Colorado Natives struggle with is the decision of which Ski pass to buy. The most popular question I hear during late summer and fall  is “So did you buy the Epic or the Rocky Mountain pass?”

Let me break it down for some of you new Colorado Transplants or out of towners.

EPIC – Owned by vail resorts and depending on which pass option you choose covers:

Local (My choice)=$649 adult- 10/22/16 -note that this price is subject to change.

Epic Pass= $849 adult -10/22/16 – FOR MORE INFO

Rocky Mountain Super + Pass- Owned by Winter Park Resorts and the SUPER +PASS Covers:

Rocky Mountain Super Pass + = $629 Adult as of 10/22/16

Step #2: Get your Skis.

Once you have decided on which pass is best going to fit your needs and wants, next thing to do is secure  the proper equipment! There are plenty of ski sales around the area near Labor Day, but if you are like me, I choose to rent for the season. This year I decided to rent from Sports Rent in Arvada, CO. 

I was able to get decent skis, boots, and poles for $200 or so.

Christy Sports  also has great packages starting at $159 for an adult ski package.

You need to book these before Thanksgiving, typically ski season rentals get to be slim pickings after November 1st. This will save you loads of money, especially if you plan on skiing most of the winter. Think of it this way, a day rental at a ski resort usually costs you about $80 and they are nowhere near as good  of quality skis and boots. Being comfortable is so important!

If you can afford your own skis or get lucky on craigslist, do it! Finding skis that fit your comfort and ability level is very important.

Step #3: Get in shape.

Alright, so maybe you have been chilling out on the couch a bit too much this fall and are beginning to worry if you can handle the slopes this winter. Never fear! Here are a few exercises to get your legs, calves, hamstrings, and glutes in tip top shape.

  1. Squats
  2.  Jump Squats
  3. Lunges
  4. One Leg Cable Kickbacks
  5.  Single Leg Split Squat


Step#4: Get Excited.

Last but certainly not least, it is time to get excited. Here is one last video to get you pumped up for ski season:


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