This Month is all About the TaTa’s, Supportive (Sports Bras)!

This Month is all About the TaTa’s, Supportive (Sports Bras)!

This month marks breast cancer awareness, so I found it only right to give a little attention to the ladies. Breasts are a wonderful thing, but also a nuisance when it comes to working out. There was a time when I was a respectable B cup and then as I continued my way through college, birth control, and beer, my chest went into a solid DD.

The upgrade was definitely exciting at first, but as I began to work out and just live my daily life, I realized how annoying and sometimes painful they were. Anyone with big boobs will tell you that it is a pain to find a button down shirt that fits, a swimsuit that doesn’t make you feel completely exposed, and a sports bra that give you the support that you need. Nothing is worse than trying to do jumping jacks with a flimsy sports bra.

Trust me, these kinds of sports bras do not work well for high-intensity workouts!

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Two girls exercising and walking with their dogs at Cayucos State Beach, Cayucos, California, February 14, 2007. Photo by Mike Baird. Shot w/ a Canon 5D w/ 600 mm f/4.0 IS lens w. 1.4XTE, balanced on a rail – no setup time (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Not only is it hard to find a good sports bra that will hold you up, but the amount of weight that having large breasts can have can cause you serious upper back pain. According to, having breast sizes D and up can lead to severe or chronic upper back pain. They go on to suggest that the best ways to alleviate this pain is by buying customized bras and sports bras, medication, physical therapy or exercise, and breast reduction surgery. This is all well and good but do you know how much all of this costs!

So in support of large breasted women everywhere, I have decided to put together a list of the best sports bra’s I know! These bras have been fully tested and workout approved!

Top Three Sports Bras I recommend:

#1 Under Armour‘s UA Compression sports bras ($54.99)

These are super tight and supportive. Not to mention still sort of sexy! They go all the way up to a 38DD and strap you in. Great for high impact workouts.

#2 Victoria’s Secret‘s Knock Out Sports Bra – MY FAVORITE ($35)

This bra is really 2 in 1. It is a cross back with a clasp in the front, so it is super easy to put on and extremely comfortable. I have never had a more supportive sports bra, especially for my more high-intensity workouts. Victoria’s Secret definitely lives up to its reputation as being the authority in women’s bras.  P.S These go all the way up to a 40 DDD!

Check out their guide to finding the right sports bra for you: Here


#3 Panache Sports Bra ($40 to $70)

I have yet to test this one, but it is ranked at being one of the best for larger breasted women. They run all the way up to 40H.

This bra claims to reduce bounce rate by 38%. Because it is made by a British company, you can buy Panache at  and

While I was writing this article I decided to interview a few other lazy ladies that struggle with finding support. The sad truth is that there really aren’t many options out there once you get past the DD mark.

“Yeah bra shopping is literally the worst for me, no one ever has my size so none of my sports bras really fit me lol I’ve tried more expensive places too and they all stop at a C or D cup and the sales ladies are always like “oh just go up in band size then” and I’m like um no it doesn’t work that way.”

“I usually just do two sports bra’s at one time”

“Honestly, I haven’t found one that I really really like. I always wear a regular bra underneath a sports bra because I hate the way my boobs look all smushed up in a just a sports bra. I’ve started wearing Victoria’s Secret sports bras and they look really good but I’ve still got some bounce which is a bit annoying but if I know I’m going for a run (which means a lot of bouncing) I’ll wear a regular bra and my Nike sports bra that is one size too small. It’s a struggle with big boobs.”

(If any other Lazy Ladies out there have a favorite sports bra they want to share, please comment below.)

Lastly, but most importantly, October marks breast cancer awareness month. This blog is geared towards amazing women and supporting one another. If you have money to spare, please donate to the cause.

I believe these shirts say it best:


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