How to Cure a Hangover – Can you Really Sweat it Out?

How to Cure a Hangover – Can you Really Sweat it Out?

Happy Wednesday Everyone! I hope all of you are having a fabulous week so far! I had a fabulous weekend and am just now recovering. I definitely had a little too much fun on Friday night. I’m sure that you have probably guessed by now that I love to go out and enjoy myself. One of the main reasons I created this blog was to find the balance between beer, buffalo wings, and working out. One thing you may not know about me is how much I love to go to EDM (electronic dance music) shows and dance the night away. I am fortunate enough to live in a pretty popular city in which a lot of great artists tour, so I was very excited to learn that GTA was coming to The Church Night Club. Long story short, I bought my ticket and had a great night with friends!

The next morning was another story. I felt a little bit more like this (see below)… unfortunately, I am now 27 years old and don’t have the luxury of doing nothing all day. I also do not have the drinking tolerance I once had back in college. So what do you do when you have a hangover and need to feel better quick?

Well, I am here to crush your hopes. There is no proven cure for the bottle flu. Scientifically speaking, the reason you feel so awful the next morning is due to your body being severely dehydrated.  Alcohol is a diuretic and that means it assists your body  in getting rid of fluid. So, all that really works is time and water.

There are, however, some home remedies that do stand the test of time, you just need to find the right one for you!

       1. Greasy Food and Carbs:

I am 100% guilty of eating Taco Bell, Papa Johns, and McDonald’s after a night of drinking. I always look forward to that part of the torture, even though I know that it probably will not help. The truth is that I almost never eat fast food anymore, so I most likely use drinking as my “it’s okay/just this once” excuse. The facts are that greasy food after a night out of drinking will do no help except add more loving to those love handles.  The best part about greasy food that science does support is that if consumed before drinking, it will actually help you slow down the effects of alcohol and prevent the hangover in the first place! Note to self, get a big fatty hamburger before my drinks, not after. All my life I have been doing this all backward!


       2.    Exercise:

Some people love to workout after a night of partying. I will do it if I am able to roll myself out of bed. The idea of sweating out all of the toxins from the night before seems like a logical cure. However, for the most part, that is a straight up myth. Where exercise can come in handy is by tricking your brain into a more positive state of mind. Have you ever noticed how much your mood changes from when you are trying to talk yourself into going to the gym and then that feeling you get once you leave the gym or finish a workout? That’s because while you are pumping iron your brain is pumping hormones called endorphins which give you that happy and energetic feeling. In a sense, this process can, in fact, make you feel a bit better and maybe a bit less guilty of that drunk 2am run to taco bell. Be careful not to overdo it on your workout since you are most likely running on little to no sleep and are most likely suffering from dehydration.

        3. Hair of The Dog

Probably one of my favorite remedies, as long as I don’t have work the next day! There is nothing that you did the night before that can be cured by a bloody mary in the morning right? Well scientifically speaking this is probably one of the worst things you could do to your body. Hair of the dog isn’t so much a cure as it is a method of prolonging your imminent suffering. But damn, it is much more fun than most other remedies.

10418352_10202677204632696_1479583141173700600_n       4. Water and Juice All Day Long

This is your best and surefire way to speed along the process of nursing your nausea and your banging headache. As stated above, the reason why we feel so awful after a night of 7 and 7’s and jager bombs is that our body is completely dehydrated. Drinking water and juice will help replenish your fluids and flush out any toxins. Also, the sugar in fruit will help get your bodies energy back up.

If you are brave enough, some suggest pickle juice. I love pickles, but pickle juice is a bit much for me. Especially when my stomach is on edge as it is. However, Dr. Oz himself, recommends this miracle pickle juice hangover cure. The salt that pickle juice contains can replenish the electrolytes your body lost the night before. I wonder if this works for fried pickles? If so, count me in!

      5. SLEEP 

Okay, forget everything else I have said so far. If you are able to lay in bed all day (and snuggle with an adorable cat) and don’t mind skipping the gym, sleep and just dream away this horrible day of cramps, dizziness, and headaches until it fades away into a distant memory. Sleeping the worst part of your hangover away is definitely the way to go. Time heals all wounds and today is your day to treat yo self.


So now that you know that there is no real cure to your misery, the next question you should ask yourself is…was it worth it? Hell yes.

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