Getting Lost in the Mountains (Boulder)

Getting Lost in the Mountains (Boulder)

With Fall now approaching, and everyone returning  from their summer vacations, work has certainly picked up the pace. It is busy season in digital advertising and after a day of emails and meetings, I needed to shut off my brain. Nothing sounded better to me than shutting down my computer and being in the mountains. So, to make absolutely sure I had no excuses, I penciled in “hiking” to my google calendar for Wednesday afternoon. I have hiked a few trails in boulder before, especially in chautauqua park, but I wanted to try something new. I began by searching through one of my favorite hiking websites: and eventually decided upon Mt. Sanitas.20160921_173958

Now I should start by saying that I am the most directionally challenged people you will ever meet. I left my office and began the 15-minute drive towards the mountains. As I passed by the trail heads, I still could not find the one for Mt. Sanitas… I guess I should have read the article better, in which it states that the trail shares parking with Centennial Park trail head. I made a quick turn around and parked my car 🙂 I made sure to take a look at the trailhead map before beginning my ascent, but again I went in the complete opposite direction and instead found myself on the Anemone Hill Trail.


Don’t ask how I get myself into these situations. However, to my good fortune, this detour happened to be a happy mistake! Anemone trail is known as being one of the hidden gems of Boulder. The hike is about 45 minutes long and ascends a little over 1,000 ft. Because of a closure that lasted several years, this trail is little known and has much less traffic that the popular Mt. Sanitas. It is the perfect place for solitude and a good workout. The steep incline is great for both beginning hikers and intermediate. The trail goes for about 3 miles, but there is a trick to it.


I began my hike from the parking lot of centennial trailhead, as I climbed I came across the Anemone Trail signpost. This trail is typically overlooked since it is so close to the red rocks trail (No not the concert venue) and Mt. Sanitas. I decided to take the path less followed. As I continued on the path seemed to stop, but keep going! The best part is a climb that is actually unnamed and put you at 6,423 ft. The view was worth it:


With the sun beginning to set and no one around me…well with the exception of the man who took my photo 🙂 It was incredibly peaceful. Today is the first day of fall, so I encourage all of your Denver and Boulder Lazy People to get out there and hike. The leaves are changing color and nothing is better than a good long hike and a beer at a local brewery to quench your thirst after.

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I am adding to my list of things to do: 1. Hike Mt. Sanitas and #2 have a beer at Sanitas Brewing afterward. #Perfectcombination


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