Fall Fashion When you are Changing Sizes (Clothes to fit your changing body)

Fall Fashion When you are Changing Sizes (Clothes to fit your changing body)

I am so incredibly ecstatic to announce that I am finally seeing the fruits of my labor! Not only am I stronger and much more athletic, but I am loosing weight! Which means none of my clothes fit me quite right. Most importantly none or my shirts and bras fit!

In honor of fall and back to school, I decided to do my very own fall fitness fashion shopping spree, for those of us that are losing weight, and planning on continuing that trend. A few of my favorite shops to buy my gear are; Lucy, Under Armour, Victoria’s Secret, and Nike!

Hands down, if you are looking for a supportive and sexy sports bra, look no further than Victoria’s Secret. Their Knockout bra is the most amazing bra I have ever worn. It is almost impossible to find a sports bra that supports larger breasted women. This bra is also perfect for high impact workouts. I am 100% this bra’s biggest fan. You will feel insanely secure and there is no need for double bra-ing.


Now, if I am at home and doing a yoga or a weight lifting session, I choose to go with a much less intense option. Lucy, does a fantastic job of providing adorable work out clothes that are lightweight and comfortable.  The item I bought serves as both a sports bra and a workout top!

Because I have been losing weight I have unfortunately been losing it in my boosom. Apparently it is very common for you to lose a cup size first. For awhile now, I have been noticing a huge gap in my bra cups and honestly It is so uncomfortable. My solution to this, without spending to much money on a bra that I may not fit into in a few months is investing in braletts. The natural look is in and also they have made quite a fashion statement this summer and fall. I bought mine from Victoria’s Secret and Francesca’s. $15- 20

These are great because they are affordable and also when you are fluctuating sizes they will work with you. I am hopefully going to invest some money on new clothes, however, I am a bit hesitant to get too many things in case my body continues to change. To give you perspective, I have been a solid 150-152 for 3 years. This week I finally dropped to 147. This is not a huge change, but a majority of my fat has faded away and I am now building muscle.

Last but certainly not least, I plan on buying some comfy sweat pants! “Winter is coming” and I am ready to lounge around in these:

Now it is your turn, what are some of your favorite clothes to buy when working out and fluctuating sizes.






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