I did a 5k and so can you!

I did a 5k and so can you!

Who is this person I’ve become?! Can I just state that Lazy Lady Fitness has not been so lazy this week. In an effort to write a blog on early morning workouts (blog coming soon) I woke up on Tuesday morning and went to the gym at 6am! On Wednesday I joined a run club and ran a 5K! Finally, on Thursday I topped off my week with Orange Theory Fitness. Needless to say, I am exhausted. Luckily for me, NFL just kicked off and I have no plans of leaving my couch.

This blog is aimed at inspiring women and men alike who are not exactly the “athletic” type. Lazy Lady Fitness is about encouraging you to love yourself and not seeing fitness as a sacrifice or punishment. Life is too short and there are too many delicious things to try, but that doesn’t mean that there can’t be a balance to staying fit and eating tacos. In light of what Lazy Lady Fitness stands for, I decided to try my first 5K and run club.

Before I decided to jump straight in, I committed myself  to do a test run. I knew that I was in much better shape than I have ever been and that I have walked a 3K in the past. Orange theory fitness in Boulder also does an amazing job of getting you used to endurance training. I felt pretty confident in my capabilities because within 4 months of doing Orangetheory I went from a power walker (3.5 on a treadmill) to a solid jogger at (5.5 on a treadmill) Base pace. (If you are confused about what I am talking a20160904_183116bout, check out this awesome beginners guide to OTF from MyFitnessPal) This Sunday I put on my big girl pants and decided to push myself into doing a 5K on the treadmill. It took me 37 minutes to do it, but I made it!

For the Run Club, I drafted Mr. Lazy Lady Fitness to be my support buddy. We had stumbled across a poster for The Olde Town Arvada Run Club during a night out. We decided it would be a great way to meet new people, write a new blog, and get beer specials afterward!20160907_180039

I was scared, but having successfully completed my 5k test run, there was no turning back. I came home from work Wednesday night and put on my Nikes. We then mosied our way down to Klines Beer Hall to meet the Run Club. After a few anxious minutes passed, the run group slowly began to congregate. Most of them knew each other from previous weeks, but they were so welcoming to have two newcomers. We introduced ourselves and dropped off our belongings with the bartender. I had a moment of panic as I realized that running with my water bottle was not really an option. I am a person that downs an entire bottle of water while on the treadmill. (NOTE TO SELF: get a camelbak) But alas, I shook off all of my nerves and jogged my way down the road and into the unknown.

Not even 5 minutes in I was wondering how much longer, but my new run club was there to push me. They did a great job keeping me occupied. They asked all about my blog and my fitness routine and I breathily answered as coherent as I could. Soon enough we had found ourselves on a gorgeous path alongside a creek with the mountains ahead of us. Perfect photo op.


All of a sudden we were halfway through and I wasn’t left in the dust of everyone else! This gave me a much-needed boost of energy. Mr. Lazy Lady Fitness was cheering me on and so was the rest of the crew. I decided to pick up the pace, after all, the faster I ran the sooner I was finished and in the bar sipping a beer.

I am proud to say that even though those last 10 minutes were a struggle and even though my mouth felt like a desert, I finished that 5K like a champ (32 minutes). We finally ended up in front of the glorious Klines Beer Hall! I stretched out my already cramping legs and then plopped down to the beaut20160907_185949iful site of a Kolsch beer and buffalo cauliflower. Cheers!

If you are wanting to get out and meet new people, in a way that will motivate you to keep active, you should absolutely look into joining a run club. Most of these clubs are very relaxed and have a mixture of runners and walkers. If you are in the Denver/Arvada area you should go and like Olde Town Arvada Run Club’s Facebook page. Their season is coming to a close, but will most likely be running through the rest of September.

The run is coordinated and sponsored by the coaches at Fast, Fitness & Sports Training and Crossfit. Did I mention that this run club and many like it are FREE!?!

Here is a list of run clubs in the state of Colorado. CLICK HERE

If you are really adventurous here is a list of RUNNING EVENTS in Colorado.

Good luck and happy running!





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