My Week as a Vegetarian and Other Struggles

My Week as a Vegetarian and Other Struggles

Status update for my 30 day ab challenge and 2nd week into my vegetarian challenge. Well, you can definitely tell that this is not your average fitness blog, because I hate to break it to you, but my 30 day ab challenge has once again failed!!! I have no idea how people do these with normal lives?! I possibly lack the dedication, but there are many days where I wake up with the best intentions and then just as I am about to fall asleep “CRAP!” I forgot to do my ab challenge. I will not give up, but it may take me 60 days instead of 30.

However, on a more positive note, my vegetarian challenge is proving to be a bit more successful. I am finding lots of new recipes and things to try. My new obsession is Buffalo Fried Cauliflower. I also tried out Native Foods for the first time, and their taco salad…with fake taco meat, actually curbed my need for meat. I have been pleasantly surprised this entire week by how full I feel and that I have so many options to choose from.


I did have one mishap on my vegetarian journey. My Husband and I have finally found a roommate to live with to begin saving for a future downpayment on a house.  My future roomie and I decided to explore Olde Town Arvada for an apartment complex that would serve all of our needs. After a long day of hunting, we decided to quench our thirst and feed our hungry bellies at Kline’s Beer Hall. I was beyond tempted to order one of their german sausages, but I refused to give into temptation and instead ordered their out of this world buffalo fried cauliflower and their potato salad. Halfway through the meal I began to wonder why the heck the potato salad was so freaking delicious, and then it hit me…. BACON!!! Now a good vegetarian would have probably stopped and just ate the cauliflower… but this is Lazy Lady Fitness we are talking about! I ate the rest of my bacon potato salad proudly. #SorryI’mnotSorry.

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Now on to my vitamin B-12 experiment… how long does it take for these things to kick in? I am currently using the nature made brand. Does anyone have any experience with this one? Am I doing something wrong or do I need it to build up in my system? With all these veggies and vitamins in my body I thought I would feel more awake. I kid you not, I almost fell asleep at my desk today…Starbucks saved me.

In conclusion: 30 day challenges are hard work, but I am determined. Vegetarianism is actually pretty cool. Vitamin B-12 has yet to kick in and I am mildly disappointed.  ALSO I NEED A BURGER…but I can wait.




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