Lazy Lady Tips for Staying Fit In The Big Apple -NYC (Temptation Capital of the USA)

Lazy Lady Tips for Staying Fit In The Big Apple -NYC (Temptation Capital of the USA)

Happy almost Friday Lazy Ladies and Lads! We all know what that means…one day closer to cheat day! In honor of all of the temptations that surround us on a daily basis, I thought I’d bring in a Lazy Lad living in NYC to talk about how he avoids or moderates all of the delicious things the big apple has to offer.

Lazy Lady Tips for Staying Fit In The Big Apple -NYC (Temptation Capital of the USA)

20 “restaurants”. 20 “bars”.  20 “bakeries”. These are just a few Yelp search result counts within a 5-block radius of my apartment in lower Manhattan.
NYC is the east coast capital of excess (Las Vegas surely gives it a run for its money!). A nearby example is Black Tap Burger, which specializes in ludicrous shakes. Behold:


Yes, that’s an entire slice of cake on one of them!

People line up for these things day and night, so clearly they’re on to something.

If you can imagine it, it’s here. And if you have the wherewithal, you can buy it. And if it’s edible – well, you get it.









Despite these numbers, I unfortunately have only 1 mouth and 1 stomach (too bad we didn’t get that cow gene…). Or maybe that’s not such a bad thing, otherwise I’d be financially and calorically bankrupt.

In the Lazy Lady spirit of trying to balance healthy habits with not-so-healthy temptations, NYC presents a constant challenge. I’m not sure how everyone else in NYC deals with this challenge, but here are some ideas that I put into practice.

For every cronut, there’s a SoulCycle

Unless you live under a rock, you should be familiar with the Cronut craze that took NYC and the world by storm. It got so big a black market emerged, and copycats spread like vanilla frosting. Chef Dominique Ansel, the Cronut’s crafty creator, followed up his masterpiece with the milk glass made out of cookies. That didn’t quite take off like the Cronut, but maybe that’s because it didn’t have such a catchy name.



Anyway, kooky new foods aren’t the only things to emerge in NYC. Workout fads also start here, with SoulCycle being a standout example. And even if the workout didn’t start here, choices abound to get your butt in gear, from indoor rowing to outdoor trapeze to, er, trampoline pilates.




Lately I’ve gotten hooked on golf, and I even joined a gym specializing in training for the game. Core strength is key to a good swing, and this gym helps me keep mah belly in check.



Sharing is caring

Divide and conquer might be an ancient military strategy, but it applies equally well to partaking in everything gluttonous about NYC with some degree of moderation.

I like to try new restaurants and bars with others so we can sample as many things as possible. Many restaurants also offer tasting menus, and these help you manage the tension between your eyeballs, your stomach and your wallet.

Just the other night, my fiance and I enjoyed a couple of the tasting menu options at DomoDomo, a Japanese restaurant specializing in handrolls. From the spicy lobster handroll to the macha ice cream with hot white chocolate drizzle, we indulged in a plethora of deliciousness without needing to be rolled out of the joint.

Sadly, Torrisi Italian Specialities, one of the best tasting menu experiences I’ve ever had the pleasure to enjoy, closed its doors early last year. Fortunately the talent behind that gem continue to offer culinary delights at their remaining establishments, including Carbone and Parm. Here’s Parm’s insane Ozersky sandwich:


Embrace the variety

On the point of variety, all of these amazing culinary options reflect a multiculturalism central to NYC. Nearly 800 languages are spoken among its citizenry, and Queens is one of the most diverse communities in the world.

But just like you’re never going to learn 800 languages, you’re never going to eat your way through NYC. There are simply too many options and too much restaurant turnover for any one person to try everything.

Enjoy the journey and savor each moment. Your waistline and pocketbook will thank you later.

So those are my Lazy Lady tips for surviving the big city. Now I’m going to go eat a macaron ice cream sandwich…



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