Adventuring into Vegetarianism

Adventuring into Vegetarianism

This Sunday I took a stroll over to my favorite neighborhood Trader Joe’s store, and walked straight past the meat aisle. As I filled my basket with mushrooms, peppers, water mellon, blueberries, and pretty much anything fresh I could find, I smiled to myself. As I dropped off my lighter than usual basket at the checkout counter, I proudly stated to the cashier “I’m going vegetarian for the next two weeks!” she replied with a simple “why?”.

To be fair this is a very good question. Why have I decided to go vegetarian? One of the reasons was because meat is so damn expensive! Another reason is because I know that by even cutting out meat once a week in your diet, it can do a lot of good to mother earth. Lastly, I wanted to eat as many veggies as possible and cut out red meat for a short period of time, to see if it had any effect on my weight loss.

I love Animals, but I also love steak, hamburgers, and all things BBQ. I have never watched one of those documentaries on Netflix that will thoroughly turn me off from eating meat again. I also am married to a British man, who cannot go with out meat and veggies at every meal.


I will try to keep the depressing facts about meat eating to a minimum in this blog, but DID YOU KNOW that in 2006, a study by the U.N. Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) showed findings that 18% of the planets greenhouse gas emissions was generated by livestock farming around the world?  The livestock industry is a huge contributor to our climate change. Also, by cutting meat out of your diet for even a short amount of time, you can reduce your carbon footprint and save water. Here’s another crazy fact coming at you: to produce 1 lb of beef…only ONE FREAKING POUND of beef it takes 1,850 gallons of water. Compare that to only 39 gallons of water needed for a pound of veggies!

There are also many ways you can be vegetarian… you can make it really whatever you want it to be.

The most common and the one that I am choosing to try is called Lacto-ovo-vegetarian. This means that I can eat both dairy products and eggs. There are others that choose to only have milk and no eggs, they are called Lacto-vegetarians. Or if you flip it the other way around you could be an Ovo-vegetarian. Vegetarians can also get looped in with Vegans, they do not eat dairy products, eggs, or any other products which are derived from animals (honey for example). Pescetarians, are also a much more mild form or vegetarianism, because in this diet you avoid meat, but you can have fish.

So far my first day has been a piece of cake! I had my usual breakfast of yogurt, bananas, and coffee. For lunch I made a ravioli with a pesto sauce and I had a veggie scramble for dinner. I have a good feeling about this and so far I have no cravings for a burger…give me till Thursday and all this may change. Another thing that I am trying this week is vitamin B-12. I have been working out loads and working in general, my sleep has been fine, but I was still feeling sluggish in the morning. My co-worker suggested I try out vitamin B-12 to get my energy up without drowning myself in coffee. Apparently, B-12 is a good choice for me this week, since the vitamin is used to treat fatigue caused by lack of B-12. The vitamin B-12 is naturally found in eggs, shellfish, meat and poultry, and other dairy products. Vegetarians and vegans typically need a dose of B-12 to help make up for them not eating these in their diets. Their is also a rumor that B-12 can help aide in weight loss…but since there is no hard evidence, I’m not going to hold my breath.

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