Biking in Buffalo Creek – GUEST POST from a Lazy Lad

Biking in Buffalo Creek – GUEST POST from a Lazy Lad

Hello Lazy people! As much as I love to write about my adventures and attempts in the fitness world, sometimes we all need a rest day. 

 I have enlisted the help of my friend the Lazy Ginger to guest blog this week. Which is wonderful because this blog is intended for everyone. Not just the Lazy ladies of the world. Let’s face it, men and women alike struggle to find that perfect balance between staying active and enjoying the sweet taste of a freshly brewed colorado craft beer. Also not all of us want to run on a treadmill or hit the weight room. So without further ado, here is the Lazy Ginger with Biking in Buffalo Creek. 

– Lazy Lady


If you are like me, working out to stay fit is the least motivating thing imaginable (next to teaching a toddler quantum physics).  Luckily, for most of my life I have had the pleasure to thoroughly yearn for something known as the outdoors, or as some like to call it, nature.  Whether it be hiking or biking, i just love going to the mountains and being immersed in aspen trees and beautiful flowing rivers.

This past weekend my exploratory motivation brought me to a massive network of biking trails known as Buffalo Creek in Pine, Colorado.

Pine is an absolutely stunning area of Colorado that I would recommend anyone to explore. The area is filled with exactly what it was named after, pine trees.

I have been to Buffalo Creek many times, but this time I wanted to explore an area that I had never been before, so i decided to jump on my girlfriend,  a 2014 Trek Remedy 7, and head down the Colorado Trail to a trailhead known as Shinglemill.

buff creek trail

I had never been on this particular trail in the past so a bit of skepticism was present yet I knew that every aspect of Buffalo Creek is typically stunning.

After riding a mile or so downhill I finally reached the trailhead for Shinglemill. To my happy surprise, this trail started off with a level/slight downhill descent. After about a quarter mile in, the trail started to include a few ups and downs, which my full suspension girlfriend, i mean bike, handled flawlessly.

I could tell that the trail had something great in store for me because the dirt marking Shinglemill flowed off into the distance towards a beautiful set of mountain peaks. I knew i couldn’t turn back now, i had to see what was ahead.

After about a mile of slight downhill I reached an area which is damn near impossible to put into words. The sight before me was a mixture of dead trees, blue sky, and beautiful mountain peaks.


It is this type of experience that keeps me actively exploring the gorgeous mountainous state in which I live in. There isn’t much I could complain about when thinking of Colorado (minus the influx of people moving here). The mountains not only keep me motivated to explore, but helps maintain a steady mind. The sheer beauty which captivates ones self is in-escapable.

I explore to experience. I explore to live. And ultimately, I explore to love. Not only love nature, but love thyself. Nothing holds someone back more than ones self, so pushing to explore has helped me stay fit in the happiest way possible….alongside playing hockey and drinking beers.

After soaking up the amazing view, I continued on the trail and ultimately looped back to my car after about a 10+ mile ride. The ride was not only a great cardio workout, but it also felt as if I just finished a meditation session. I felt relaxed, happy, and level. Maybe it is just me, but I can safely say I live for these types of experiences.

If you are looking for a relaxing but fun way to get out and burn some calories check out Buffalo Creek for your next Mountain Biking adventure.

Also check out this website which is an entire mountain biking community page! This has trails for all over the USA and it allows bikers to lend feedback and share pictures of their bike rides.



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