Tunes for Turn it Up Thursday (A Lazy Lady Update)

Tunes for Turn it Up Thursday (A Lazy Lady Update)

I have a confession to make, a very bad confession…I have missed not one, but two days of my 30 day ab challenge! The worst part is that it is beginning to get difficult already for me. Note to self: DO NOT SKIP A DAY (or TWO) because you will have to make it up and you will be lying on your living room floor huffing and puffing, with aching abs, and almost want to cry while watching pretty little liars. Also very hard to find out who A is when you are in plank position!!! I digress.

Working out to my current TV work out obsession.

There has to be something that can get me through these next 20 days! So anyone else who is struggling for motivation this week, because maybe you partied a bit too hard on the 4th, give me a shout out or words of motivation and I promise to do the same.

To be fair this weekend I killed it at both the bar and the gym. I feel I found a good balance, however my liver may disagree.  To recap: Friday night I forced myself onto the elliptical for a 40 minute session before hitting the local bar and a night out on the town. Saturday, while my husband had beers with friends and watched the Italy VS Germany Game, I put on my yoga pants and plugged myself into another episode of Pretty Little Liars while killing it yet again on the elliptical. Sunday, was the most impressive day by far, I woke up of my own free will at 6AM to go to a 7AM Orange Theory Fitness class. I kept paced and have now started becoming a Runner/Jogger! I got home and took a quick shower, only to leave again and head to the Mountains for some Stand up paddle boarding!

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Mr. Lazy Lad Fitness and Myself!

I am feeling pretty damn good about my new life style and have seen major improvements on how I look and feel. An important thing to note is that I have barely lost any weight. I say that because I don’t want anyone here to have unrealistic expectations. My body has toned up, I am wearing shirts I have not worn in at least a year, and my self confidence is so much better.

I think I am finally ready to begin SLOWLY changing my eating habits. As soon as I find a decent meal prep plan or think of a few things I can cut out and still be happy I will let you know. Any suggestions would be amazing! Does the hot water and lemon thing really work?

Alright, enough about me! Without further updates on my lazy lady life, here is an awesome workout playlist that my blogger friend put together to keep you motivated! Check out her website HERE.

Have an AMAZING day and let’s turn it up today!


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