Staying Fit by Sharing on Social Media

Staying Fit by Sharing on Social Media

We all know that one person on our Facebook page or Instagram that posts one too many photos of themselves at the gym. Or maybe it is the person that sends out a tweet every time they loose a pound? I have been guilty of the person behind the computer screen that rolls her eyes and says “well good for you”. I used to think that these over sharers on Social Media were vain and annoying. However after starting this blog I am beginning to wonder if they were on to something.

One of the most important motivators of losing weight and staying on track in achieving your fitness goals is to be held accountable. Social Media is one of the best ways to achieve this. According to a handful of articles I have read in my fitness journey, sharing your struggles of weight loss on social media can actually do many beneficial things for you including;

  1. Building a Community

We all know that losing weight can be challenging at times. There have been many instances where I have thrown a fit like a child in front of  the TV to one of my Shaun T. Insanity Videos. Or when I had a weekend of over eating and drinking and thought all hope was lost. However, doing things such as writing this blog, posting on Facebook, and making friends on My Fitness Pal, has allowed me to share in a community that is positive and most likely dealing with the same struggles I am.

      2. It Can Boost Your Self Esteem

Simply sharing progress photos or check in’s to your favorite gym can make you feel like a million dollars. Especially if you are surrounded by a supportive group of friends and family. Being able to see how proud they are of you, or a simple “like” can keep you positive and feeling good about yourself. Loving yourself is the best way to keep to your new healthy life style.

      3. It Provides Helpful Tips and Information

I tend to follow as many fitness blogs, Instagram accounts, and twitter’s as possible. Being able to see their pictures not only provides me a visual source of motivation, but also their articles teach and inspire me. Being on social media and sharing with one another about our own journey, can do a great deal in providing helpful tips and information with others who are just beginning their journey or have been doing it for years. I love to find new recipes and hear about new workouts that could help me along the way.

       4. It Can Keep You Accountable!

Some of the bloggers and friends I have spoken with find that posting about a 5K they have signed up for, or a gym class they are taking that night, helps them stay accountable and actually go out and do what they had said they were going to do. Very much like my 30 day Ab challenge that I have signed up for. Because I have made it public knowledge that I plan on completing this challenge, I have a sense of duty to my readers to actually put my money where my mouth is! Not only do you feel the need to follow through on your promises, but you also now have the support of your social community helping you along the way.

You are not alone in this and you have people to help you through this difficult time. Yes, losing weight and changing your lifestyle can be challenging. It is definitely easier to sit at home and eat that entire Papa John’s pizza, but when you start taking pride in yourself and your body, amazing things start happening. So, don’t be afraid to post that gym selfie or whine about wanting to stuff your face with Ben and Jerry’s.  If Social Media can push you to keep going, just do it!

Below is my 5 week progress:


















I love that my back fat is melting away 🙂





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