Taking on my first 30 day Challenge!

Taking on my first 30 day Challenge!

Well I can blame my husband for this one. He had the bright idea to have me try a 30 day, 60 day, and 90 challenge for my readers.  So after looking through hundreds of pins (pinterest) on squat challenges, arms, legs, and everything in between, I have decided to take on getting bikini ready with the 30 day summer abs challenge by fitnessrepublic.com


30 Day Summer Abs Challenge   Fitness Republic

Okay so I may have chosen an easy one to begin with, but look at day 30! The thought of being able to do 160 crunches and that long of a plank makes me uneasy. On top of that, possibly the most challenging part of a 30 day challenge is to actually follow through. So, I vow to keep you updated as I struggle through these next 30 days. I also vow to be completely honest if I fail or skip a day.

If you are ready to join the struggle and try this with me, send me a message or leave a comment! Let’s do this together and have, fingers crossed, fabulous summertime abs! Furthermore to prove that I am committed, I will post before and after photos. Wish me luck and let’s put this 30 day challenge to the test!

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