The Importance of Having a Bucket List

The Importance of Having a Bucket List

It’s hard to stay focused when our lives are consumed with work and our day to day struggles. Time escapes me and I am constantly asking myself “how is it already June?”One trick that I use to keep myself focused on what really matters in life is to keep and maintain a bucket list.

A bucket list is a list that can either be in your head or written down on paper. I usually choose to keep it written down so that I can keep track and change things when need be. This list can be anything from activities, places to go, skills you want to learn, really anything is game. It is a list of items that you would like to complete before you…kick the bucket. It is good to keep in mind that the items can be as realistic or unrealistic as possible. Simply decide on things you would like to do or try if money or time was not a factor.

You can do anything! Your possibilities are endless!
You can do anything! Your possibilities are endless!

For the purpose of my blog, I recommend keeping them somewhat attainable. For instance, I am not going to live on mars anytime soon. The point of this is not to focus on what you have or haven’t done, but to realize that there are goals that you are reaching toward and hopefully looking forward to some day achieving.  This keeps you moving forward and breaks you out of your 9 to 5 life.

Very similar to my vision board, the idea of a bucket list is that once you start dreaming up these goals and ambitions you start working towards them that very second.

Someone once put it very simply, they said “When you book a vacation, when do you start your vacation?” It isn’t necessarily when you have left work and are on the plane headed to Hawaii. You begin your vacation as soon as that flight is booked. Your mind automatically begins to prepare and look forward to that day. Even the week before you leave, you may already be mentally checked out of work.Essentially once that flight is booked that rush of anticipation is upon us, we begin living into that possibility of being on vacation.

If that all makes sense, then it is easy to see why setting a list of dreams, also lends us to begin living and working towards them. Making a list allows us to really put our priorities into perspective.

So what would be on your bucket list?

Here are just a few of mine:

  1. Stay in a Castle over night –
  2. Hike a fourteener (14,000 ft) –
  3. Run a 5K
  4.  Stay in one of those island bungalows in the sea–
  5. Learn to Surf 
  6. Write a book
  7. Produce and direct my own play
  8. Travel to Brazil, Germany, Hungary, Russia, New Zealand, pretty much the entire world.
  9. Go to Oktoberfest in Germany –
  10. Flip a house!

Feel free to share a few of your own down below in the comment section or even use a few of mine for your own bucket list!


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