Exercise can be a pain in the…back

Exercise can be a pain in the…back

In today’s blog I wanted to share with you one of the obstacles I deal with in working out. Not only do I sit for long and extended periods of time, but my husband and I were both in a car accident about a year ago. The car accident left me with major back pain and put my workouts at a stand still for a very long time.

I honestly believe my husband or I could have been seriously injured or killed, but by the grace of God and my little Volkswagen Jetta, we were able to walk out of the crash. Just to put it into perspective, here are a few pictures from that day.

We were literally sandwiched between two pick up trucks! I thank the lord that I was in a safe and reliable car. The doctors at the hospital were shocked when we were able to walk into the emergency room without stretchers.

After the accident I was in serious pain. I was not able to fully lie down on my back for a few months. I had major panic attacks for months and even now I have flashbacks while driving. The sound of metal hitting metal, the smell of smoke, and the confusion I felt as I was thrown about in the passenger seat still feels so real to me.

I took my time in healing and worked hard to get back to a somewhat normal level. I still have back pain at times, and unfortunately I do let it interfere with my work out routines. However if you even suffer from minor back pain you still need to work out and stretch those muscles (Of course please consult a doctor before doing anything).

Here are a few things to try if you suffer from back pain to get those muscles moving.

According to webmd.com:

  1. Try partial crunches instead of sit ups.
  2. Do some hamstring stretches
  3. Wall sits
  4.  Lifting weights can also help with chronic back pain (CONSULT A DOCTOR)
  5. The bird dog pose (yoga)
  6. Aerobic Exercise
  7. Some light Pilates
  8. Avoid: Sit ups, toe touches, and leg lifts.

Lastly, if you are like me and love yoga both from a spiritual and health aspect, here are a few poses as well. Thank you everydayhealth.com.

  1. Downward facing dog
  2. Childs pose
  3. Pigeon pose
  4. Cat and Cow pose
  5. Upward facing dog

Now go out and love yourself and your body:) Also don’t let anything, including back pain get in the way of you feeling fit and healthy.


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