Motivation Monday

Motivation Monday

Happy Motivation Monday everyone! Even if your Monday wasn’t as productive as you had hoped, I am here to get you motivated for the rest of your week.

I would like to talk about finding “motivation” when it seems like all you want to do is crawl back into bed.

Today was probably one of the worst mornings for me and my fitness. #1 This weekend I scratched my eye (not sure how) and I was in pain most of the weekend #2. After being stuck inside all weekend to avoid the sun, I was slow to move on my first day back at work. #3 Because I was unable to look at a computer screen, watch TV, or read all weekend, I may or may not have had one too many cheat days with little to no exercise Finally #4. It was MONDAY.

What’s a girl to do in order to push herself to have a productive day? To be honest, not everyday needs to be motivating. However, there is something that keeps me optimistic through it all.

This December, while I was still working at a job that was so stressful, it gave me panic attacks, I decided to do something about it. I collected all of my aspirations and passions for what I wanted from my life on a cork bulletin board and hung it front and center in my bedroom. That vision board, gave me the courage I needed to quit my job. That simple act of putting my life into actual perspective, helped me get through being unemployed for 3 long months (right at the holidays!) and helped me go after what I truly wanted.

I have now landed a job in the Adtech industry at an established and creative company that truly believes in doing what is best for their clientele and their staff. I am now taking classes in digital marketing and even writing this blog, so that someday I can move into a career of marketing!


Vision Board

The picture above is my first ever vision board. The board reflects my own memories that elicit feelings, that I hope to carry and bring to every task that I do. It reflects areas of my life such as career, marriage, fitness, and family. I also have a few quotes and images that move me.

Visualization is so important to achieving any goal in life. It is said that even Michael Jordan used to visualize himself making the basket, before he ever took his final shot. The idea has been expressed in many forms of motivational tools. In the popular book The Secret by Rhonda Byrne, The law of attraction is all about creating your entire life experience in your thoughts by visualizing it.

There are no rules to creating a vision board, so just do it! Take a low key night, order some take out and go crazy on Pinterest. You will not regret it. It will also allow you to really see your priorities in life.


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