Orange Theory Fitness (OTF) Review

Orange Theory Fitness (OTF) Review

To say I was afraid was an understatement. I just moved offices near an Orange Theory Fitness studio, and each day I have walked past it, wanting to try it, but scared that it may actually kill me.

I owe my bravery to this blog. My dedication to making decent and entertaining blog posts is so sincere, that I pushed myself into that studio and lasted for the entire 60 minute class. Be honored.

In case you are not familiar with Orange Theory Fitness, here is a video they sent me when I submitted my free trial pass.

Now I was really shaking in my boots (sneakers). This seemed much more intense than my routine 30 minute elliptical Pretty Little Liars workout, and trust me it was!

I arrived 15 minutes early for my class, here I met the trainer that would be leading the session and they had me fill out a few forms. It was very standard procedure. Then we walked into the studio and panic set in. One wall was lined with treadmills, another with rowing machines, and in the back there was a free weight room. Luckily the trainer was very relaxed and assured me that I could go at my own pace. I should mention that there are 3 paces for the treadmill portion; Power Walk, Jog, and Run. Needless to say, I choose power walk. Before we got started they also suited me up with a heart rate monitor. This kept track of my performance for the entire class and was shown on a large TV in the studio. Part of me loved this, because I could see when I was really getting my ass kicked as my heart rate shot right up!

The class itself was energetic and you really felt comfortable going at your own pace. The trainer is there to push you, but they are not abrasive or drill sergeant like. I also got super dizzy mid-way through the rowing portion, but after some Powerade, I was able to push on.

Orange Theory Fitness is definitely something I would recommend to someone that needs a good push in the gym, but also can’t afford a personal trainer. It makes you feel fantastic and I burned 728 calories in 60 minutes!!! I have never ever done that in my life!

Straight after my work out I received an email from Orange Theory and was even more impressed. They send you a performance review after every workout. So, now without further ado, to PROVE that I actually went and attempted (Achieved) an awesome workout, here is a screen shot of my report!

Performance Summary knpoole07 Gmail

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