Combating Stress and Depression when Trying to Lose Weight

Combating Stress and Depression when Trying to Lose Weight

Nothing can kill your weight loss more than stressing out about losing weight. Unfortunately we can’t stop all the stressors that effect our daily lives ie; bills, work, household chores, family, and simply not having enough hours in the day. In fact, the reason for why this blog is so late in coming out, compared to my other entries, is that I have been dealing with weight loss depression.


I never knew how much of a hold eating and drinking held on my happiness. I am now declaring myself as an emotional eater. Now to be clear, I am not the person that eats and entire pint of ice cream after a break up, but I am the type of person that relates happiness to going out and eating. I am a stress drinker and have always struggled not to reach for a bottle after a long day at work. I also realized that I have associated specific days of the week with eating out and getting drunk. All of this seemed normal and healthy, until I started scaling back on going out to eat and drinking. For the past few Fridays I have hit emotional lows simply because I wanted to drink, but knew it could be detrimental to my fitness goals. My weight loss is not the only reason that I am scaling back on going out to eat, but also my pocket book. I desperately want to be able to own a house in the next year or two and going out to eat not only adds curves to my waistline, but also drains me of my money. So even though going out satisfies my need for emotional happiness, it really is a lose/lose situation.

So the question is, how do you continue to be “happy” and satisfy your emotional needs, but also change your life style habits to include eating healthy and working out? The #1 rule to losing weight is to not punish yourself or think of it as a sacrifice. It has taken me a lot of time to understand this. You can have whatever you want, but in moderation. You don’t have to suddenly go to eating salads, going paleo, and vegan to lose wight and be healthy.

I have a cheat day or days in which I allow myself to eat what I want. However when I do this, I don’t over do it. For example I was craving a burger Friday. I was exhausted and did not want to cook and there was a part of me that really wanted to be my true inner fatty. So, I managed my calories with My fitness Pal and I forced myself on that elliptical before I went through the Wendy’s drive through and ordered myself a doublestack and chocolate frosty. By no means was this healthy, but I didn’t feel guilty, because I left it at that. I choose to stay in and drink water, instead of my usual drinking of a 6 pack of beer. Little things like this can change a lot. YOU DO NOT HAVE TO CHANGE OVERNIGHT!


Making small but impactful decisions will make you feel so much better. Prioritize what you want and then allow yourself to have it in moderation. For instance, If I want to drink beer or eat BBQ one night, I will go to Orange Theory and eat healthy during the day to allow myself that luxury. The point I am trying to make is that yes, you have to make decisions, but don’t deny yourself because that will only cause more stress.

If you are stressed and depressed while trying to lose weight, you are going to have a very hard time staying on course and following through with your fitness goals. These things take time! Another key thing to remember is that stress actually causes your body to produce cortisol, which contributes to belly fat.

Here is a great article on ways to combat stress and continue to lose wight happily:)

So go out and quit stressing!!! If you put in the work, eventually you will see results!

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